Woman on the beach with Afro Love Curling Puree

Tanex Marketing and Distribution is the price and selection leader in providing a range of haircare products for both wholesale and retail. With dedicated customer service we deliver the best value over an assorted range of merchandise.

Tanex carries hair car lines including Keratinex, Curly Love, Afro Love, Relax, Pistachio & Collagen, along with Macadamia & Collagen.

As part of a diverse multicultural society ensuring we have a range of products for every hair type is our first priority. In an ever growing beauty industry we beat the challenge of meeting the needs for a wide spectrum of ethnic groups. Our product range caters to afro, curly and straight hair, as well as hair in transition. 

Tanex is dedicated to providing quality products to salons, retail stores and individuals. Our mission is to add value to our customers lives, so that they can step into the world with confidence, ready to go after their personal goals. 

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