Product Profiles: Curl Defining Cream, Soft Curl and Tight Curl Gel

Afro love gels and oil

The Afro Love Curl Defining Cream, Afro Love Soft Curl Gel and the Afro Love Tight Curl Gel, are some of the best curl care creams and gels already being used by hundreds of women in T&T because they continue to get perfect results for the health and beauty of their hair. Several of these satisfied users are hair care experts and influencers who are sharing their experiences about using these amazing products. And like all the other natural hair products from the Afro Love brand, the curl defining cream 4c hair formula, the soft curl gel and the tight curl gel, contain only natural ingredients that support healthy hair and promote gorgeous-looking tresses.

Afro Love Curl Defining Cream

The Afro Love Curl Defining Cream for natural hair activates, controls and defines the curls. It is formulated for use on 4C hair and other medium to tight curls, but it can also be used by anyone wanting a full-bodied cream moisturiser for hydration, definition and slip. This includes a range of hair textures, including afro hair, naturally straight hair, and even hair being transitioned back to its

natural texture. This defining cream’s deep moisturising properties come from its main ingredients, coconut oil, aloe vera and karite. Its contents label highlights only natural ingredients, as the brand is dedicated to producing safe products that are free of harmful sulfates, salts, parabens and silicones.

You can get the scoop and info on this product (and others in the Afro Love line) by watching this review from Caribbean natural hair expert, Nelly B. She is amazed about how this product locks in moisture for longer-lasting, no-frizz curls.

Afro Love Tight Curl Gel and Afro Love Soft curl Gel

Afro Love Tight Curl Gel

The Afro Love Tight Curl Gel fights frizz and adds a great amount of moisture to the hair. This amazing moisturising action is partly created by glycerin which hydrates the hair and retains moisture. Shea butter and flaxseed gives this formula its slightly thick consistency, which is actually good for ac hair and tighter curls because they sometimes need heavier coatings to penetrate the strands.

Afro Love Soft Curl Gel

This gel creates a softer, looser curl because the olive oil is lighter than the shea butter in the tight curl gel formula. However, this gel is also a major moisture machine because of the glycerin content, plus it conditions the curls and controls frizz.

Popular hair care influencer, Naturally Nishy, absolutely loves these two gels. In fact, they both worked pretty well for her hair.

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