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Keratinex straightening kit (single application)

Keatinex no lye hair relaxer bathes every strand with keratine to restore hair fibers while the relaxing process is taking place.

It works by:

  • Penetrating deep inside with keratine for healthy-looking hair.
  • Filling up superficial cracks on hair cuticles for an amazing shine.
  • Restoring strength to prevent breakage.
  • Conditioning hair fibers to alleviate frizz.
  • Protecting against future damage.

Each kit contains:

  • 1 no-lye relaxer base cream
  • 1 liquid activator
  • 1 shampoo
  • 1 replenish hair mask
  • 1pair of protective gloves
  • 1 wooden Spatula


  1. Mix liquid activator (B) into the Keratinex Base Cream (A) thoroughly. Apply immediately to new growth or virgin hair only. Leave in for 12 to 18 minutes. Rinse out with water.
  2. Apply Keratinex Neutralizing shampoo to the entire hair and massage to produce a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat this process twice.
  3. After rinsing all traces of the relaxer, apply the Keratinex Protein Hair mask and leave it on for five minutes. Rinse out with water.

The Keratinex Anti-Breakage hair line is an advanced combination based on Keratin and Omega 3 that penetrates the strand, providing nutrition and filling in cracks. Keratin repairs, unifies, and protects the hair fiber from future attacks, making it more resistant to breakage and giving it a resplendent shine. The advantages of the Keratinex line are:

  • Anti-Break
  • repairman
  • strengthening
  • unifies the strand
  • Protects from future attacks


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